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Flexible, comfortable limousine service


Flexible, comfortable limousine service


Flexible, comfortable limousine service


Flexible, comfortable limousine service



Flexible, comfortable limousine service

【Frequently asked questions】

Q1. Is it possible to use it immediately on the day itself? 
A1. We can make arrangements so please contact us by phone. 

Q2. For the pick-up time, how many hours later should I reserve the pick-up time?  

A2. After receiving the PCR test, you will have to be on standby at the space within the airport or at the facility designated by the quarantine station chief until the result is known. 
     ⇒If you arrive in a morning flight
It seems that it will take more than 4 hours for the test result. Please make a reservation 4 hours after your scheduled arrival time. If the flight arrives earlier or later than the time, the driver will contact you according to the arrival time by the method specified at the time of booking, such as telephone or email. Please discuss your pick-up time directly. (If without discussion and more than 30 minutes pass from the reserved time, a waiting fee will be charged every 30 minutes). 
      ⇒if you arrive in an afternoon flight
After staying for 2 nights at the hotel prepared by the government (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare),
the results will be notified on the morning of the third day. (As of July 1st) 
It is common to specify 9a.m. on the third day for reservations.
(For changes to pick-up time, please do so before 6p.m. the day before)

Q3.Is the changing of pick-up time free?
A3.If you are in contact with the driver picking you up at the time of arrival, the changing of pick-up time is free. 

Q4.I do not have a mobile phone that can be used in Japan.
A4.Please use a public telephone or email. (There is free WiFi at the airport.) 


Q5.Where is the meeting place at the airport?
A5.For both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of Narita Airport, please exit the ground floor and we will be waiting at Lane 3 which is the third lane from the front in the traveling direction.

Haneda Airport (Terminal 3) 
Please head for the “Taxi Stand” on the ground floor. 
We will be waiting at the hire stand behind the taxi stand. 


Q6.Can you issue a receipt?
A6.Yes. We will prepare it on the day. 



京都府知事登録第2-288 総合旅行業務取扱管理者 川越祥代
〒601-8002 京都市南区東九条上殿田町47






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