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Currently, when you enter Japan, you have to wait for 14 days after coming into the country, avoiding any unnecessary travel outside your home or your own accommodation. You will be required to wait for a health check confirmation from a health center before being permitted to travel.

You must be able to travel to your home, hotel, etc. without using public transportation (railways, buses, taxis, airplanes (domestic flight), passenger ships, etc.).

Currently, in Japan, step-by-step measures are underway to resume traffic.
Please check the following for the latest information.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare:


At Tokyo MK:
As shown on the official website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, we are introduced as a hire company that meets the criteria for posting homepage links regarding travel from the airport etc. to the home (or accommodation facility etc.) for isolation.


When you enter Japan, we provide pick up at Narita Airport, Haneda Airport,  and Kansai International Airport.

After the quarantine period of 14 days,  we serve Chubu International Airport, Fukuoka Airport and New Chitose Airport

The following plans are also available:

A: Simple plan with airport transfer

  • Haneda round trip 28,000 yen ~

  • Narita round trip 67,000 yen ~

B: A great plan with a charter during your stay added to the airport transfer

  • Haneda round trip + charter during stay
    4 hours : 68,670 yen ~   8 hours 
    96,510 yen ~

  • Narita round trip + charter during stay
    4 hours 96,510 yen ~   8 hours 103,670 yen ~

* The above amount is a guide. Please contact us for details.

Multilingual support
We provide support in English, Chinese and Korean language.


Novel coronavirus preventive measures

 All  crew members to wear protective safety masks

Strict enforcement of gargling and hand-washing

Strict enforcement of gargling and hand-washing

Strict enforcement of gargling and hand-washing

Social distancing 

Virus disinfection with sodium hypochlorite

Use of Doctor DEO disinfectant

Designated QR code to contact customers 

Installation of Ion air purifier

Driver handling cash with gloves

Marble Surface

Contact us for details and reservations

The next day's reservation deadline is until 18:00 on the day before pick-up. For reservations on the day, please call us.


Nights and Holidays


Please download the "Reservation Sheet" below, fill out the necessary items, and send it by e-mail.

If you cannot open the file on your smartphone,
Please fill in the following required items and send by email.

1. Pickup date

2. Pickup time

3. Desired car

4. Passenger name

5. Number of passengers

6. Flight number

7. Amount of baggage

8. Contact information

9. Passengers contact information

10. Pickup location

11. Dropoff location

12. Special requests

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