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6 Reasons to Choose Tokyo MK



World-class hospitality
by our Grand Pilots

Tokyo MK’s elite drivers are polished through extensive training. We assign them the rank of “Grand Pilot.” They are pilots of the road, automotive hoteliers. Before you enter the vehicle until the final send off, they provide hospitable service of the finest quality.

English language support available
Used by many foreign dignitaries and VIPs

We offer support for foreign VIP customers and tourists by English-speaking drivers. In addition to English, Chinese is also offered.
(Please discuss language support when booking

Door Service, Escort Service
Comprehensive Service

We provide comprehensive service, including Door Service to open and close doors when entering or leaving the vehicle, and Escort Service for special moments like sightseeing and events.

Full Lineup of Luxury Vehicles

All vehicles are high-grade models, including Benzes, Lexuses, BMWs, Alphards, etc.


Safe and reliable driving skills 

We take broad-ranging safety measures, including equipping all vehicles with anti-collision devices, operating mainly new vehicles purchased in the last 3 years, and eliminating long working hours for drivers. Each of our drivers undergoes extensive training to improve their safe driving skills.

Used by major corporations
Reliability and Proven Performance

Tokyo MK is used by many well-known major firms, including famous hotels, airlines, and leading corporations, and our quality of service is highly regarded.


About us


Featured in President Magazine

In the special feature article "2014 Companies best Customer Service Ranking" Tokyo MK was selected as the third place in "Other services".

We are very happy to receive such high evaluations from customers.
From now on, we will strive to provide an even better service without being complacent to this current recognition.



Tripadvisor 2020 Travelers' Choice

Tokyo MK has been recognized with a 2020 Travelers' Choice, based on the consistently great reviews we have earned on the world’s largest travel site.

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