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Grand Pilot

Intelligence, dignity, and elegance cultivated through extensive training

Our training is the finest in the world.
Our exhaustive training produces world-class 
Grand Pilots with the proper speech and grooming fundamental to customer service, as well as the proper bearing, manners, and mindset.

Polished, gracious customer service

Unimposing, gracious customer service
Smart, high quality service
Comfortable, classy interior design
Comfort is the essence of Tokyo MK quality

Proud Tokyo MK Grand Pilots

Pilots of the road

Only those hand-picked personnel who possess 
the superior hospitality mindset and pride of a 
world-class airline’s grand host or the service at a foreign luxury hotel achieve the title of Grand Pilot.

Most important of all are spirit
and pride in being the best

In addition to polished customer service and driving skills, the core of an excellent Grand Pilot’s training is devotion to providing customers safety and comfort, and pride in being the best.

Sensibilities polished by experience with VIPs from around the world

Tokyo MK is favored by foreign dignitaries and VIPs from around the world. Through serving this elite clientele, the sensibilities of our Grand Pilots have been polished and enhanced.

About us


Featured in President Magazine

In the special feature article "2014 Companies best Customer Service Ranking" Tokyo MK was selected as the third place in "Other services".

We are very happy to receive such high evaluations from customers.
From now on, we will strive to provide an even better service without being complacent to this current recognition.


Tripadvisor 2019 Certificate of Excellence

Tokyo MK has been recognized with a 2019 Certificate of Excellence, based on the consistently great reviews we have earned on the world’s largest travel site.

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