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MK Taxi Introduces BMW Electric Vehicles, BMW iX and BMW i7, Starts Operation Today

BMW Co., Ltd. (President: Christian Wiedmann, hereinafter referred to as "BMW Japan") and two MK Group companies that operate MK taxis (MK Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Nobuaki Aoki, hereinafter referred to as "Kyoto MK"), Tokyo MK Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Kyomi Matsubara, hereinafter "Tokyo MK"), hereinafter referred to as "MK Taxi" when referring to the two companies) has introduced BMW i7 and BMW iX electric vehicles from BMW Japan, Kyoto MK has 10 BMW i7s and 5 BMW iXs, and Tokyo MK has 20 BWM i7s.

At MK Taxi, Kyoto MK introduced 15 BMW 7 Series in 2019, and 11 are still in operation as taxis. Behind the introduction of BMW's electric vehicle again this time, there is a desire to provide passengers with a luxurious and innovative car experience. Tokyo MK believes that this is a necessary introduction for us aiming at urban transportation reform, such as the safety of customers and drivers and the creation of a decarbonized society.

Under the brand slogan of "Joy of Driving", BMW Japan has provided various driving experiences so far, and expects more people to experience cutting-edge electric vehicles. Continuing from 2019, the company's luxury and state-of-the-art vehicles will also be offered to taxi users. We expect that the demand for electric vehicles will grow from the perspective of SDGs in situations where hire vehicles are active, such as international conferences.

This time, all vehicles will be electric vehicles. The BMW Group will release new models one after another toward the goal of making more electric vehicles than the number of vehicles sold worldwide by 2030. In Japan, starting with the BMW iX and BMW iX3 announced in 2021, the BMW i4 and BMW i7 were announced this year. The company plans to continue launching various electric vehicles next year and beyond. In addition, Kyoto MK aims to have 30% of its fleet of electric vehicles by 2025, and to achieve all-electric vehicles by 2030. By 2025, Tokyo MK aims to have all vehicles equipped with autonomous driving functions assuming levels 3 to 4 in order to reduce driver fatigue.

About BMW iX

Based on the SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle), this model was developed by BMW with an eye on the next generation in terms of concept, design, powertrain, etc. Aiming to be sustainable, it is a next-generation electric vehicle that uses an electric motor for the power train and is equipped with a large lithium-ion battery that enables long-distance driving. There are three models of BMW iX, and when fully charged, BMW iX xDrive40 can run 450km, BMW iX xDrive50 650km, and BMW iX M60 615km.

About BMW i7

Appeared as a fully electric luxury sedan. The fusion of the joy of running through electricity and entertainment that satisfies the five senses provides the ultimate exclusive experience. With MY MODES that you can choose to your liking, you can enjoy effects such as lighting, sound, and graphics that match your mood, and you can enjoy powerful images on the 31.3-inch theater screen in the rear space. It has a maximum output of 400 kW and a cruising range of over 650 km.

About MK Group

MK Co., Ltd., which operates “MK Taxi,” was founded in Kyoto in 1960. In terms of business, in addition to being involved in the amusement business, including one bowling alley in Kyoto, where it was founded, as a group company, MK Sekiyu Co., Ltd., which handles gas station business in Kyoto, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Aichi, etc. Developed MK Kanko Bus Co., Ltd., which operates sightseeing buses and school buses.

In the taxi and hire business, it currently has group companies in eight regions in Japan (Kyoto, Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Shiga, Osaka, Kobe, and Fukuoka). We have a total of 2,000 taxis, hired cars, and buses.

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