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Notice of termination of test application

Tokyo MK has been providing a test application for airport transfer reservations since May this year with the aim of improving customer convenience. In order to further upgrade and enhance functions, this service will be temporarily terminated on the following schedule.

Application service end date for testers:  September 30, 2022 (Friday) around 9:00 am

Please be assured that reservations already made through our application will continue to be managed and dispatched by our call center. Also, we are planning to introduce a new version of the application in the future. Details will be announced later.

[Notes] After September 30, 2022, notification messages from the application will stop. If you need to change or confirm your reservation, please contact our call center.

Our call center phone number: 03-5547-5551

We will use the opinions and impressions we have received from our customers so far in our system development in the future, and we will work to further improve our services.

We look forward to your continued patronage of Tokyo MK.


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