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Notice of Tokyo MK's crew tested positive for the novel coronavirus

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support.

It was discovered that two crew members of our Shiodome sales office were infected with the new coronavirus infection. The progress is as follows.

Our crew ①

On January 17th (Monday), took a PCR test because his family was feeling ill and had a feeling of discomfort in his throat, and the result was positive on the same day.

His last workday was on Friday, January 14th, and he has confirmed that no one is a close contact under the guidance of the Health Center.

Our crew ②

On January 18th (Tuesday), was informed that he became in close contact, and felt sick and took a PCR test. It was a positive result during the same day.

His last workday was on Saturday, January 15th, and under the guidance of the Health Center, he has confirmed that no one is in close contact.

The final use vehicle of the two crew members and our sales office has undergone disinfection.

We will continue to take necessary measures based on the administrative policy, giving top priority to preventing the spread of infection inside and outside the company and ensuring the safety of employees.

We would like to ask all concerned parties for their understanding.

Contact point for inquiries regarding this matter: 03-5547-5547

General Affairs Department, Tokyo MK Co., Ltd.


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