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Tokyo MK Receives "Two-Star" Certification for "Work-friendly Workplace"

We are pleased to announce that Tokyo MK has been recognized as a "Two-Star" certified organization under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism's "Work-friendly Workplace Certification System." This certification is designed to encourage businesses that have obtained the "One-Star" certification to further enhance their standards. Tokyo MK has now been publicly announced as a "Two-Star" certified organization, effective from June 1st.

The "Two-Star" certification includes evaluations in the following areas: ① Compliance with laws and regulations, ② Working hours and holidays, ③ Physical and mental health, ④ Safety and stability, ⑤ Securing and fostering diverse talents, with the addition of ⑥ evaluations on autonomy and innovation. Only businesses that demonstrate outstanding efforts in improving their workplace environment are eligible for this certification.

Tokyo MK remains committed to continuously improving its workplace environment.

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