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Experience the Courtesy and Distinction of the World's No.1 Limousine service at a taxi price


Full Lineup of Luxury Vehicles

Mercedes Benz S Class
Lexus Alphard...
All vehicles offer Free Wi-Fi and Digital TV


All vehiles  are equipped with extensive safety measures

In addition to safe driving by our drivers, we take extra comprehensive safety measures and operate only new vehicles purchased in the last 3 years


Bilingual drivers at your service

Japan's No1 English language support for foreign VIPs and tourists 


Tailor made Exclusive Car Services

Private transport for executives and VIPs,
or limousine service for events and sightseeing 




No.1 Transportation Service
Featured in President Magazine

Tripadvisor 2019
Certificate of Excellence

Full Lineup of Luxury Vehicles

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Mercedes Benz S400d Long-3
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Mercedes Benz S550 Long-3
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Report of system failure

After midnight on April 19, our vehicle dispatch system server went down, so we could not dispatch until after 2 o'clock. We would like to report that the cause was an error in the equipment inside the base station, and it took time to recover.

Fortunately, although there was no impact on customers who had made reservations in advance, there was a situation where we could not prepare vehicles for customers who wished to use the service during that time period.


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We will check the equipment again and try to prevent recurrence.

We look forward to your continued patronage of Tokyo MK.

Eradication of Harassment

Tokyo MK declares that it will work diligently on the "eradication of harassment."


Harassment is an unforgivable act that unfairly damages an individual's personality and dignity and can lead to physical and mental health problems. It hinders opportunities to demonstrate abilities, maintenance of workplace order, execution of work, and can seriously damage not only the workplace environment of the company but also its social evaluation.

We will maintain a healthy working environment, improve relationships of trust, and strive to create a company that is easy to work in and vibrant.


(1) We will thoroughly disseminate and provide training on efforts to prevent harassment.

We will inform and educate employees about the content of harassment in the workplace, the cause and background of its occurrence, and the policy that harassment should not be performed in the workplace, and provide necessary training.


② We will set up a harassment consultation desk.

The company will set up a harassment counseling service so that employees can fully demonstrate their abilities in the workplace without having to worry. The person in charge has a duty of confidentiality and will respond to consultations in consideration of privacy. Not only the counselor but also those who cooperated in confirming the facts will not be treated unfavorably.


③ We will respond promptly and appropriately to harassment cases.

We will investigate the facts of harassment actors and take strict punishment based on work regulations.


④ The subject of this declaration is not limited to our employees but includes all those who are involved in our company.


Based on the above, Tokyo MK will make thorough efforts to prevent harassment.


Introducing Mercedes-Benz Electric vehicle EQC

Tokyo MK will introduce the Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle "EQC", which is environmentally friendly and does not emit CO2, around June 2022.

Efforts toward SDGs are becoming one of the priorities of companies looking forward to a better future, so why not consider replacing the currently used hire & taxi with an electric vehicle?


Lifting of the state of pre-emergency

The state of pre-emergency has been lifted on March 21st.
At Tokyo MK, we will continue to operate our vehicles with thorough infection control measures.


If you have any request for a car in various situations such as Airport transfer, commuting, school, hospital, business, ceremonial occasion, sightseeing, travel, etc.

Please contact us at:

Taxi: 03-5547-5551
Hire: 03-5547-5557


About the use of hire / taxi due to new border measures

From midnight on March 1, 2022, the border measures will be changed and public transportation will be available conditionally.
Tokyo MK operates both hire and taxi flat rates, so we appreciate your continued patronage.

Click here for details


Tokyo MK acquires "Easy to work workplace certification" from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Our company was certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's "Easy-to-work workplace certification system" and was announced as a certified company on February 21st.

After undergoing examinations in five fields, including legal compliance, working hours / holidays, physical and mental health, security / stability, and securing / training of diverse human resources.

Only businesses that are recognized as having excellent efforts to improve the working environment will be certified.

This is the first year, so it is the acquisition of "one star".
Tokyo MK will continue its efforts to further improve the working environment.

Notice of Tokyo MK's crew tested positive for the novel coronavirus

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support.

It was discovered that two crew members of our Shiodome sales office were infected with the new coronavirus infection. The progress is as follows.

Our crew ①
On January 17th (Monday),  took a PCR test because his family was feeling ill and had a feeling of discomfort in his throat, and the result was positive on the same day. His last workday was on Friday, January 14th, and he has confirmed that no one is a close contact under the guidance of the Health Center.


Our crew ②
On January 18th (Tuesday),  was informed that he became in close contact, and felt sick and took a PCR test. It was a positive result during the same day.
His last workday was on Saturday, January 15th, and under the guidance of the Health Center, he has confirmed that no one is in close contact.


The final use vehicle of the two crew members and our sales office has undergone disinfection.

We will continue to take necessary measures based on the administrative policy, giving top priority to preventing the spread of infection inside and outside the company and ensuring the safety of employees.
We would like to ask all concerned parties for their understanding.


Contact point for inquiries regarding this matter: 03-5547-5547
General Affairs Department, Tokyo MK Co., Ltd.


Airport Transfer Hire Plan Campain

Tokyo MK will transfer customers safely from Narita/Haneda airports to the metropolitan area and locations designated by the quarantine station such as homes using the “vehicle with novel coronavirus infection prevention measures”.

Tokyo MK is listed on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's official homepage as a hire company that meets safety standards.


Thank you for your continued patronage in 2021

In the coming year of 2022,

Tokyo MK would like to provide our customers with a superior, comfortable space in a variety of settings.

Thank you very much for your continued patronage over the course of 2021.

[Sapporo MK] Uber starts from 9/21!

You can now call Sapporo MK Taxi with the Uber app.

The target areas are Chuo Ward, Toyohira Ward, and Shiroishi Ward.

Sapporo Mk Homepage:


Toshiyuki Hayashi appointed as 

a member of the Executive Board

Toshiyuki Hayashi has been appointed director in charge of human resources on September 21, 2021.

As a new graduate recruitment advisor, aiming to increase recruitment by strengthening cooperation with each university
In the future, we will focus on enlightenment activities so that more people will know about Tokyo MK, both mid-career hires and new graduate hires.


Airport Transfer Hire Plan Campain

Tokyo MK will transfer customers safely from Narita/Haneda airports to the metropolitan area and locations designated by the quarantine station such as homes using the “vehicle with novel coronavirus infection prevention measures”.

Tokyo MK is listed on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's official homepage as a hire company that meets safety standards.

Temporary closure of information desk

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Tokyo MK  representative phone number (03-5547-5547) will be closed during the period from August 13th (Friday) to August 16th (Monday).

The call center and sales office can be used as usual.

Call center (TAXI)

Call center (HIRE)

Shiodome Sales Office

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.


Start of new coronavirus workplace vaccinations

From June 18th, we started vaccination in the workplace.

On the first day, 240 people will be vaccinated, and 1,000 people will be vaccinated by June 25th.
As a result, about 80% of our drivers and staff will complete the first vaccination.

Furthermore, we will work to ensure that our customers can use our services with peace of mind.


1,000 Employees and Others From Tokyo MK

will Receive Workplace Vaccinations

Tokyo MK Co.,Ltd. (Minato City, Tokyo, CEO and President Kiyomi Matsubara) has decided to conduct workplace vaccination as indicated below responding to the government policy announcement regarding Workplace Vaccination for the novel coronavirus so that employees who work as essential workers, their family members, and customers can feel safer using our services.

Start date (scheduled): June 21 (Mon), 2021
Vaccination location: Tokyo MK headquarters
Eligible persons: Company employees, family members, business partner companies
Number of eligible persons: 1,000 (2,000 shots) scheduled

We have been conducting infection prevention measures in the past, and we will continue to implement thorough infection control measures in the future.


Tokyo MK awarded
Tripadvisor 2020Travelers'Choice

Tokyo MK has been recognized with a 2020 Travelers' Choice, based on the consistently great reviews we have earned on the world’s largest travel site.

"Travelers' Choice" is an award that was considered "Excellence Certification" until last year, awarded only to carefully selects facilities or services that consistently provide the highest hospitality.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who uses MK for this award.


We will continue to provide the best services and hospitality as a team to our customers, and we appreciate your continued support.








TEL: 03-5547-5551までご連絡をお願いします。






Regarding "AvanCoat" application

We thank you for your continued patronage.

We will apply the photocatalyst 'AVANCOAT' from Avanti Co., Ltd. to our vehicles one by one so that our customers and employees can use it with even greater peace of mind. (As of April 19, application to 96 units has been completed)

AVANCOAT' is the world's first photocatalyst to obtain the ASTM standard (the world's largest international standardization standard-setting organization) as being effective as a photocatalyst in inactivating the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV2). If exposed to light (visible light) it can inactivate 90% in 5 minutes, and 100% in 10 minutes

We look forward to serving you.⁠


Regarding payment with a transportation IC card

We thank you for your continued patronage.

You will be now able to use new transportation IC card payments at Tokyo MK.

From April 2021, it will be installed on all vehicles one by one, 

to an estimated completion around June 2021

At this stage, you may still be picked up by vehicles that cannot be paid with a transportation IC card yet. We appreciate your understanding in the time being.

We look forward to serving you.⁠

Notice of system maintenance

Thank you for using Tokyo MK.
We will carry out system maintenance on the following schedule.

During maintenance, you will not be able to use "PCS (Private Chauffeur Service)" and "Skyweb".

■ Date and time: Wednesday, January 7, 2021 0:00 to 6:00
* Working time may change depending on the progress.

For airport transfer reservations and taxi reservations during the maintenance period, please call our call center.

■ Call center phone number: 03-5547-5551

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Introducing GranAce Premium

We have introduced Toyota's new minivan, GranAce Premium (5 seater), to our hire fleet.
In addition to the independent leather seats, the luggage space is very large and you can ride comfortably.

We are looking forward to your use as it has a very high reputation from our customers.


Japan Airlines Hire Service Discount
Support campaign

From November 23rd, 2020 to January 31st, 2021
Tokyo MK will operate a special hire service for those who return to Japan from abroad with their families during the year-end and New Year holidays with designated Japan Airlines flights.
(For arrivals to Haneda, Narita and Kansai Airports)

As mentioned on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's official homepage, Tokyo MK is : 
"A hire company that meets the standards related to the posting of homepage links regarding the transfer from airports to homes  (or accommodations, etc.) ” 
Please use us with confidence when traveling in Japan.


MK Group Roundtrip Airport Transfer Campaign

From November 1st, 2020 to January 31st, 2021
Up to 1,000 yen off the expressway costs for fixed-rate taxis to and from airports

8 MK Group companies across Japan are carrying out a campaign for a discount of 1,000 yen off the expressway costs for customers who reserve a fixed-rate taxi to and from an airport.
*If the expressway costs are less than 1,000 yen, the actual costs will become free.


Regarding Go To Travel Regional Coupons

We thank you for your continued patronage.

From October 1st, it will be possible to use the special Regional Coupons, distributed by travel agencies and lodging companies, with taxis and hire services.

 Please check the following points when using the coupons.
・ It has to be a paper coupon
・ The date of use is within the expiration date
・ The coupon must be available in the Tokyo area
  * No change

We will continue to provide transportation in safe vehicles that have taken thorough prevention measures.We look forward to serving you.⁠


Notification of New Coronavirus Antibody Testing

We thank you for your continued patronage.

By July 14th, Tokyo MK conducted a new coronavirus antibody test on all 450 crew members and confirmed that they were all negative.
We would like to inform you that there were no positive cases of the new coronavirus antibody test using the Besthree Antibody Detection Kit.

We will continue to strive for virus countermeasures and infection prevention such as hand washing, gargling, car seat installation, ventilation, disinfection, sterilization and sterilization.

We look forward to your reservation and use of Tokyo MK, which is safe, secure and comfortable.