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Transfer Hire Plan

Airport Transfer Hire Plan
using  vehicle with  infection prevention measures

Tokyo MK will transfer customers safely from Narita/Haneda airports to the metropolitan area and locations designated by the quarantine station such as homes using the “vehicle with novel coronavirus infection prevention measures”.

Click below for references:


As mentioned on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's official homepage : 
"A hire company that meets the standards related to the posting of homepage links regarding the transfer from airports to homes  (or accommodations, etc.) ” 


Introduction of Vehicles 

Toyota Alphard Executive Lounge-1.jpg

Alphard Executive Lounge

Capacity: 4 persons

Achieving the ultimate comfort. Its seats use premium nappa genuine leather with a high-quality feel and feature powered ottoman that gently catches the legs.⁠

Toyota Alphard Executive Lounge-2.jpg

9 measures against the novel coronavirus

1. Mandatory wearing of masks by crew members
2. Confirmation of temperature check and health condition of crew members
3. Encouraging gargling and hand washing  

4. Installation of droplet infection prevention sheets
5. Thorough ventilation of vehicle

6. Installation of Nanoe ion generator 
7. Disinfection and cleaning with sodium hypochlorite solution before boarding of customers
8. Equipped with alcohol disinfection
9.Installation of ion generator and stabilized chlorine dioxide

(Standard for all cars: WiFi/mobile charger/TV/500ml mineral water)


Please Note

  • If you have tested positive for PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) our services are not available.

  • We do not accept transit services for public transportation.

  • (Example: When using public transportation after exiting the car/van)

  • Please refrain from changing destinations mid trip (If it’s an emergency please let your driver know beforehand).

  • Before boarding please disinfect your hands with alcohol.

  • We would appreciate it if you would wear a mask while on board the car.

  •  Reservation deadline for this campaign is the day before your trip at 6:00pm.
    *If you have any complications or wish to make a reservation immediately please contact us.

  • If you have more than 5 passengers but wish to use only one car we have a Hi-Ace Van that can board 6-8 passengers.

  • Please let us know if you have any excessive luggage or in need of a child seat (the child seat will be free of charge).


To/From Narita Airport 


Options:   English Speaking Driver ¥3,000

To/From Haneda Airport 


Options:   English Speaking Driver ¥2,000
*Highway tolls are included.
*We will quote nationwide. (Approximately 3,000 yen for every 7.5km * Depending on the high-speed charge)
Please feel free to contact us.

【Payment method】
・Please pay by credit card or cash when using the service.
※For foreign customers, we ask for credit card information in advance. 

【Cancellation fees】                               
Until 9a.m. ~ 6p.m. before the day of pick-up          30% 

6p.m. before the day of pickup ~ 6 hours before reservation    50%
6 hours before the pick-up date ~          100%                             Cancellation fee will be charged.   

※If the PCR test is positive, 50% of the charges (up to ¥30,000) will be charged as a cancellation fee.  

【Regarding waiting fees】
・Please decide on the pick-up time with the driver again after the plane has landed via phone or email
(free Wifi available at the airport) 
If more than 30 minutes pass from the reserved time without contacting us, 
a waiting fee of ¥3,600 will be charged every 30 minutes.

【Frequently asked questions】

Q1. Is it possible to use it immediately on the day itself? 
A1. We can make arrangements so please contact us by phone. 

Q2. For the pick-up time, how many hours later should I reserve the pick-up time?  

A2. After receiving the PCR test, you will have to be on standby at the space within the airport or at the facility designated by the quarantine station chief until the result is known. 
     ⇒If you arrive in a morning flight
It seems that it will take more than 4 hours for the test result. Please make a reservation 4 hours after your scheduled arrival time. If the flight arrives earlier or later than the time, the driver will contact you according to the arrival time by the method specified at the time of booking, such as telephone or email. Please discuss your pick-up time directly. (If without discussion and more than 30 minutes pass from the reserved time, a waiting fee will be charged every 30 minutes). 
      ⇒if you arrive in an afternoon flight
After staying for 2 nights at the hotel prepared by the government (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare),
the results will be notified on the morning of the third day. (As of July 1st) 
It is common to specify 9a.m. on the third day for reservations.
(For changes to pick-up time, please do so before 6p.m. the day before)

Q3.Is the changing of pick-up time free?
A3.If you are in contact with the driver picking you up at the time of arrival, the changing of pick-up time is free. 

Q4.I do not have a mobile phone that can be used in Japan.
A4.Please use a public telephone or email. (There is free WiFi at the airport.) 


Q5.Where is the meeting place at the airport?
A5.For both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of Narita Airport, please exit the ground floor and we will be waiting at Lane 3 which is the third lane from the front in the traveling direction.

Haneda Airport (Terminal 3) 
Please head for the “Taxi Stand” on the ground floor. 
We will be waiting at the hire stand behind the taxi stand. 


Q6.Can you issue a receipt?
A6.Yes. We will prepare it on the day. 

Contact us for details and reservations

The next day's reservation deadline is until 18:00 on the day before pick-up. For reservations on the day, please call us.



Please download the "Reservation Sheet" below, fill out the necessary items, and send it by fax or e-mail.

If you cannot open the file on your smartphone,
Please fill in the following required items and send by email.


1. Pickup date

2. Pickup time

3. Desired car

4. Passenger name

5. Number of passengers

6. Flight number

7. Amount of baggage

8. Contact information

9. Passengers contact information

10. Pickup location

11. Dropoff location

12. Special requests


Why Tokyo MK is chosen

first-rate hospitality

Safety, security,
and comfort

English support for foreign

The finest vehicles

Tailor made Exclusive Car Services

Private transport for executives and VIPs,
or limousine service for events and sightseeing 

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